Nakufleet Holdings
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    +254 780 580 286
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    Pioneer Plaza, Nakuru, Kenya
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    Mon - Sat 7.00 - 18.00

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Nakufleet Sacco
Ensure sanity in the transport sector

We are

Nakufleet General Transporters Sacco is an association of transporters within Kenya who offer transport services within and across East Africa. As a Sacco, we are equipped to handle jobs that require a large number of trucks, a variety of trucks and also great job organization as all our members work as a team.

We offer transportation of all legal goods within Kenya and the whole of East Africa, be it breakables, bulk, bagged or not bagged goods, building materials, equipment’s, timber, wood, furniture, and food stuff. When you are moving you come to us for transport, we are only making it easier for you.

When you come to us for your transport needs, you get a chance to deal with the truck owners formally and directly through Nakufleet Sacco.

Contract us any time for supply of any goods that you require and we will deliver in time at the very best rate available. We offer top quality supply of all farm produce, building and construction materials, timber, wood and any other goods required by our clients. Our aim to make our clients experience the best while engaging and creating jobs for our members. we believe in speed and accurate delivery in all our supplies. Link with us today
We lease out trucks that are well serviced and well maintained with our drivers that are well disciplined and motivated. Charges can be per trip for small jobs, or can be calculated per day or per month for jobs that require a longer period of time. We provide you with trucks that will not fail you and give attractive rates for hire
Trucks for sale are also available either used in Kenya or newly registered and not used in Kenya.
We have made it easier for members who are not conversant with the trucking industry or are not in a position to monitor how their trucks are working, to benefit from the business by letting us manage their trucks on their behalf as they sit back and enjoy their returns. We handle every part of the business and the vehicle itself and send you, the owner, a detailed report at the end of every week or month as per the agreement we have with you.